The Omikron variant B.1.1.529

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PCR Test Netherlands

We've redirected you from our previous website:

To make sure thay you'll receive a valid international travel certificate we've updated our bookingsplatform to be able to provide you an European Recognized Travel Certificate (DCC).

You will receive the result from the testprovider which allows you to load your result in the Corona Check App or print a certificate via the website. Apart from the Corona Check App we will still provide you a travel certificate as a backup.

Please consult the following site for more information about the app:

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I use the test result for travelling abroad?

Yes you can! You can link your test result to the Corona Check App and travel internationally (DCC). You are responsible for checking the regulations of your destination.

2: What should I bring to my test appointment?

Your booking confirmation number, ID, and don't forget your mask! Be aware it is not possible to get tested with only a copy of your ID.

3: What kind of test is being used.

Validated rapid tests administered by a qualified healthcare professional. The medical and pharmaceutical responsibility of the testing rests with the employed physicians and pharmacists of the testing provider. This is basically a nasal swab. The test provider may choose to combine the nasal swab with a throat swab. For PCR tests are ISO 15189 certified laboratories used.

4: Can I also be tested if I have no complaints?

Yes, that's possible. PCR tests are very good at detecting the virus in the period prior to becoming ill, so they are more reliable before you have symptoms. If you decide to take an Antigen Test without complaints, it may be negative, in which case the result has no value, or it may be positive and in that case you should assume that this is correct. It is therefore better to do the PCR test to exclude an infection without symptoms.