Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I use the test result for travelling abroad?

Yes you can! You can link your test result to the Corona Check App and travel internationally (DCC). You are responsible for checking the regulations of your destination.

2: What should I bring to my test appointment?

Your booking confirmation number, ID, and don't forget your mask! Be aware it is not possible to get tested with only a copy of your ID.

3: What kind of test is being used.

Validated rapid tests administered by a qualified healthcare professional. The medical and pharmaceutical responsibility of the testing rests with the employed physicians and pharmacists of the testing provider. This is basically a nasal swab. The test provider may choose to combine the nasal swab with a throat swab. For PCR tests are ISO 15189 certified laboratories used.

4: Can I also be tested if I have no complaints?

Yes, that's possible. PCR tests are very good at detecting the virus in the period prior to becoming ill, so they are more reliable before you have symptoms. If you decide to take an Antigen Test without complaints, it may be negative, in which case the result has no value, or it may be positive and in that case you should assume that this is correct. It is therefore better to do the PCR test to exclude an infection without symptoms.

5: Can I change or cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment free of charge up to 4 hours before the chosen test moment. This can be done via the 'cancel' button in your confirmation. If you want to change your appointment, we ask you to send an email to the test provider stating your booking number

6: Can I make an appointment for more people at the same time?

No, it is not allowed to come with more than one person at the same time. The appointment is for 1 person. A separate appointment must be made for each person.

7: Where can I see my test result?

You will receive an e-mail containing a link to digitally retrieve your test result. Via that link you will find your test result and a unique code. In the CoronaCheck-App or or via you are able to convert this code into a digital corona admission ticket in the form of a QR code (also referred to as a DCC). Additionally you download a travel certificate in multiple languages (Dutch, French, German, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish)

8: My test result is positive, what now?

With a positive test result you will not receive a code for the CoronaCheck app.

9: How long will it take to get my results?

In principle, you will receive the results of a rapid antigen and Urgent PCR tests within 30 minutes. Sometimes it can take a little longer.
You will receive the result of a PCR test on the evening of the day that you were tested, at the latest at 11 p.m., but always within 24 hours after taking the test. Also keep a close eye on your junk e-mail (spam) folder. Didn't receive a result? Please contact the test provider where you were tested. is not liable for a late test result.

10: I am an employer and want to have my staff tested, is that possible?

This is certainly possible. You can place a voucher order via this website. You can provide the voucher codes that you receive to those who have to do a corona test. They can make an appointment for the test themselves via our website and pay using the voucher code provided. As an employer, you will receive a collective invoice for your administration.

11: Can I also be tested on location?

This is possible. For this we use a minimum number of 50 tests. If you would like to make an appointment for a large number of corona rapid tests, please contact us at We will then contact you to discuss the options.

12: I would like to add my document number (passport or ID number) to the test result. Where and when should I add it?

Your document number will only be entered at the test site by the test employee after verifying your identity. Before that, you do not have to enter it while booking a test online.

13: I am travelling to a country where additional documentation is required in addition to a travel statement from the test provider. Do you take care of that too?

Yes, for the government of Japan & Hong Kong we can send you signed (standard) documentation after receiving your negative result. We would like to ask you to request this by mail after receiving your negative result.

14: I would like to make an appointment by phone, is that possible?

No, this is unfortunately not possible due to privacy legislation. You can only make an appointment online and choose to pay online or on location. We can be reached by telephone for questions.

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